Achill Oysters – Taste the Sea in Every Mouthful

Welcome to the home of Achill Oysters. We cultivate, grow and sell oysters. The oysters we produce are Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) from the wild Atlantic waters off Achill Island in County Mayo.


When we sell oysters we look at what you the customer will be seeing, tasting and experiencing. We want what you buy to be the best quality when it arrives at your door.

Small Farm

We are a small operation. That means we can control the oyster from when the young stock arrives until it is dispatched to your door. A small farm supports our goal to sell oysters of quality.


We use trestles and bags to on grow our oysters. The trestles are left out in the bay for the duration of the on growing and removed when the farming is finished. There are no foods or additives given to the animals that would compromise the well being of the bay.

Family History

There is the knowledge of five generations of harvesting from the seas around Achill brought to this farm. The next generation is also involved in continuing that increase in knowledge and compassion for what we do and where we do it.


Feedback to Achill Oysters

“The best oysters I have ever seen”

Sell oysters to Thorntons

Achill Oysters in  Thorntons

Kevin Thornton, Two Michelin Star Chef


“Your oysters were a great hit with the chefs last night”

General Manager, Thornton’s Restaurant, Dublin


“We tried the oyster with a friend of mine, restauranteur. They are top class.”    

Gerald Baton, Food supply chain specialist


“Oysters were class…the meat inside was beautiful .”      

Andy Rea, Proprietor of Mourne Seafood  


Sell oyster to Abbey Court Hotel

Achill Oysters to Abbey Court Hotel

I have to say that the oysters were incredible…”

David Oulton, Executive Chef, Abbey Court Hotel