Achill Oysters van on Achill Island

Our suppliers

Producers of fine seafood, guardians of our way of life

Ireland is awash with amazing seafood producers. They go down to the water’s edge daily, to bring back an abundance of fantastically good food. But that’s not all. As people whose living depends on the natural resources of the west coast of Ireland, they are guardians of our heritage, and of our environment.

What our partners bring to your table

Finest quality seafood: The farms, boats and pickers who work with us are chosen because of their commitment to the industry, knowledge & dedication to quality.

Better product, better prices: We share knowledge and resources in order to be better every day, benefitting both you and the producer. More money and more insights mean a better product on your table.

Know your food’s origins: Through us, you can relate directly with the farmer, fisherman or picker. You can better understand understand where your food has come from and the methods behind it.

Explore a variety of flavours: More suppliers mean more variation. Every farm produces a different oyster, so you can find one that perfectly suits your palate. We’ve created a one-stop-shop for high quality, sustainably sourced seafood.

Meet our farmers

Pat Moran
Suir Estuary, Ireland

  • Twenty five years producing superior oysters of the highest standard
  • Focus on quality shape and meat content
  • Hand grades to bring the best oysters to the market
  • Keen to share his expertise and train the next generation of oyster farmers

JJ McNamara
Achill Island, Ireland

  • Twenty years’ experience producing oysters in the clean waters of Achill Sound
  • Focus on taste and a pristine environment results in unique produce
  • Brings employment and training to a remote coastal community, allowing families to make a life and continue the heritage of our maritime communities