24 Live Oysters


Two dozen oysters from Achill Island, perfect raw or cooked.



A healthy addition to any day is a serving of oysters. If you are feeding the family, try some oysters raw and then add the rest to a stew. It makes for a really tasty and nutritious meal. Fresh is so important to the experience and we can guarantee that. The two dozen oysters (24) you order are picked straight from our farm on the wild Atlantic waters off Achill Island. These oysters are then delivered directly to your door the very next day ready to grace whatever celebration you have in mind (sometimes it is good to be good to yourself).

How to enjoy your oysters

Your oysters are 85-120g (Number 2) oysters. These are perfect for eating raw. Should you want bigger or smaller oysters mention it in the “Order Notes” field and we will do what we can to give you the order that you want.

If you have a special event or recipe in mind, please give us a call and we will work with you to give you the best possible oyster experience.