3kg Chef’s Choice Oysters


Chef’s Choice Oysters – perfect for stews, casseroles and stews.



Perfect for stews, casseroles and sauces. These oysters are not going to win any beauty contests but they have that unique Achill Oysters taste. They are a perfect addition to your culinary delights. Our Chef’s Choice oysters will add taste and depth to your cooking.

Waste not want not. They tend not to look great in the half shell or are less than willing to settle on a plate; but that is not you chose these oysters. These oysters tend to be over sized, uniquely shaped or the product of oyster love where two oysters have grown together. The Chef’s Choice Oysters tend to be older and have great meats.

How to enjoy your Chef’s Choice Oysters

A really good idea is to steam these oysters. You can freeze what you don’t need.

Try our fried oyster recipe to make a really different and funky oyster meal.

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