Keem Bay Smoked Salmon 200g Sliced


200g of delicately flavoured sliced Keem Bay Smoked Salmon



200g of delicately flavoured Keem Bay Smoked Salmon. Hand sliced by the producer themselves.

Smoked salmon direct from the local artisan smoked salmon producer. Gerry and Julie live their product. It starts with choosing only the finest salmon from Clew Bay. The salmon is smoked on premises in their own smoker. It is only when you taste the salmon that you realise just what decades of love, dedication and experience brings.

Keem Bay seafood has been part of our family for as long as I can remember. Supporting local is so important and it does not get more local than our next door neighbour.  It is great to have the opportunity to bring this fabulous locally produced smoked salmon to market. The smoked salmon is delivered directly to your door.

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Circa 200g nett weight